Earth Saver

Report Enviromental Pollution

The app was built to help monitor the environmental pollution all around the planet. With your help we can get a better understanding of what is actually happening to our home Earth.


How it works

1. Find pollution

Have you ever came across with environmental pollution? If so you can report it!

2. Select Location

Choose between two options. The one will automatically fetch your GPS Location while the other will let you choose a custom one.

3. Make a new report

Make sure you have included all the required information. (Type of pollution, description and a picture).

4. Submit it!

After you have filled the required info you can submit your report!

5. Wait for approval

As soon as you submit your report, an admin will check it and if it's legit he will approve it. The review process can take up to 24 hours.

6. See your report being added to the map!

Well done! If your report is legit it will be added to the world map for everyone to see.

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More Info

Available for both Android and iOS devices!

Earth Saver is fully compatible with all iOS and Android devices. The app allows the user to report any environmental pollution he may come across with. All we need is a picture of the incident for validation purposes. After the user submits a report, an admin will manually check all the information provided (location, type of pollution, description, picture) and will approve the report if it looks legit. As soon as a report is approved, it will be shown as a red marker on the world map.

Interactive World Map

Use the interactive map to navigate around the world. You can simply tap on a red marker to get a closer view of the location, along with the picture of the incident, the type and a short description. An update will be released later on which will allow the users to share any marker information on the social media.


App Screens